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I have spent most of my adult life thinking about Corporate Real Estate and Facility Management. Along the way, I have been influenced by many leaders. This inspiration has led me to think about the Corporate Real Estate and Facility Management industry in a more strategic way – outside of the mainstream. You may find my article on Facility Management.

All around the world, an eco-friendly way of living has taken off which is based on sharing. This “sharing” economy addresses the fundamental problems and offers solutions to the economic inequality, suffering, waste, and the quality of life and brings the savings to the forefront. However, this transformation is taking place very slowly. Despite all our good intentions, there has not yet been a radical change in our day to day lives yet. Perhaps the change only just began.

Fundamentally two separate and opposite economic models will continue to co-exist in unison for a long time while the sharing economy (Uberization) takes hold and inevitably becomes a major part of the global economy. Until then we must learn to celebrate the opposites. What we need in the upcoming period is to offer large-scale system-level changes in which sustainability is understood as a major driver. No great effort is required to achieve this. We simply need small, well-focused, conscious, continuous process improvement programs.

The Way We are Working is Not Working

Outsourcing industry remains as one of the fastest-growing business. However, despite all the recent market growth, outsourcing rate still remains very low. Only 15-20% of companies outsource real estate and facility management functions.

The way we are working is not working. We are wasting valuable company resources, employee time and energy. This model will no longer work for many of us. Soon we will all come under extreme financial pressure. There is a tremendous opportunity for business leaders as long as they notice and address these barriers and constraints. We can’t change the facts, but we do have a choice. With the rise of the “Uberized” economy, in a not too distant future, we will be witnessing that most of the companies will increase the rate of outsourcing and transfer the real estate and facility management functions to specialist FM companies. No single decision will have so profoundly positive impact on our already depleted natural resources. We will be most effective at managing our corporate resources when we start making these important choices.

Within this wider context, Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) services, which we also offer to our clients, responds to this immediate need at the system level. In the last couple of decades, the concept of Facilities Management emerged as an important business discipline. And ideas put forward and mentioned in this article are now generating growth, expansion, and transformation for most of our business partners and clients. In my opinion, FM services will gain even gain more reputation in the following years. As an emerging business discipline, it has the broader ability to transform the entire service industry.

Do You Know How Your Company Wastes Corporate Resources?

How and where do we deplete our corporate resources? There is inattention to how we drain our resources. We need a richer understanding of how we deplete corporate resources. When corporations waste their valuable energy and resources, they also put their future progress and innovation at risk. Corporations are guilty of wasting their limited resources and draining their operating budgets. So what do we mean by “waste”? Waste can mean different things to different people, here is a running list: it could be “wasted energy”, “wasted time”, “wasted resource”, and even “wasted opportunity”. With our limited consciousness level, do you think it is easy to keep a tab on wasted energy, time and resources? With our current attention level, it is almost impossible to notice lost opportunities and understand their impact on profitability. Even though we can conserve, expand and renew energy, we all understand that energy is not unlimited.  And the time is already designed to only allow us 24 hours a day, not a single second more, you have to squeeze everything into it. People become skilled at denial and we are a creature of habits. That is fine. But, just because something was done one way in the past doesn’t mean it needs to be done that way in the future. In my opinion, counter-argument to this is “focused, conscious, continuous process improvement programs”: by doing so, we can get more done, in less time, with less energy, with fewer resources, and in a more sustainable way. If you can bring this kind of innovation to your workplace, and you practice it every morning, you can transform yourself, your team, and will eventually grow and develop. Let’s not forget, once this new way of working takes hold, and people adapt to these new behaviours, it will lead to the growth and transformation of corporations. This change will lead to better productivity and more sustainable performance.

Facilities Management (FM) has developed into an emerging business discipline and continues to grow across the world. Most Facility Management experts offer system-level improvement projects to their clients by using these principles (focused, conscious, continuous process improvement programs). This emerging perception of Facility Management has recently allowed it to rise to a strategic level in corporations, it is now at least as important as the Human Resources and Finance Departments. This emerging concept presents an opportunity to contribute to the competitive advantage of corporations in improving their lead time, speed, and cost structure. For this very reason, we will observe that the Facility Management concept will find a wider implementation field, gain traction with the executive level, and build a stronger business case in the Uber-economy.


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A Leader in Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management, Evrim Ay is the author of “Sustainable Facilities Management” book. In this blog, he makes a strong business case and a compelling argument for “workplace management“, “wellness“, and “productivity“. He believes that the way we are working is no longer working


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