Thoughts on work- why do we work? King Sisyphus!

(Source: New Yorker)


I would like to share a story from the Greek Mythology, it’s the story of Sisyphus.

“Sisyphus was a king. He was tasked by the gods to push a heavy stone uphill. And when it rolled down the hill, he will be charged to begin again.” This task was named an uphill task or uphill battle over the years. In this age, most of us are continuously pushing the stone and then trying to chase it. Almost everyone in the world now reminds me of Sisyphus. We work really hard, but we do not know why we work so hard. And we hardly pause to think.

The way we are working is no longer working! Let’s remember that work is what people do for pleasure and fun. Out of love and passion. We are not supposed to work out of pain, fear, misery, and busyness.

We work hard, but we don’t know why we work so hard.  If we work out of love and passion, we can achieve more with less time, energy and resources.

Don’t you think that this is a more meaningful life?

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A Leader in Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management, Evrim Ay is the author of “Sustainable Facilities Management” book. In this blog, he makes a strong business case and a compelling argument for “workplace management“, “wellness“, and “productivity“. He believes that the way we are working is no longer working

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