Organizations don’t change; people change!

on change

Much has been written about “organizational change management”. And I think the way we approach “change” is not working for us. Let me share my thoughts on how to handle change effectively at the workplace.

Organizations don’t change people change!

It all starts with the individual. Change process in never about the organization, it is about the people. All the change management initiatives, programs and training programs are about bringing change to the organizations. Change is never about the companies; most people don’t seem to know or understand this. Change is about individuals and organizations will not change unless the individuals change.

Doing and learning something new creates frustration.

How do you respond to new places, new people, starting new initiatives, launching new projects, managing new project teams, etc.? What is normal for you, can you define your normal. Is it normal to feel frustrated when you start something new? Can you use this wisdom to find inner stillness and your internal alignment.

Try to use another perspective.

Form changes choice, choice changes position, and position creates a new perspective. Get a new perspective and look at the problems you are faced with. How does that make you feel from that new perspective? Take a look at your problem from another person’s perspective, from a friend’s perspective. Maybe from a perspective of yourself in 5, 10, 20 years. Can you look at the problem from a distance?

Undoing what is in the way of change.

Based on my experience, life is all about undoing what is in the way of ‘change’. With a small shift in our choices we can get a completely different perspective. Life is all about working less, working smart, working intelligently. How do we get smart with our choices and perspectives. Life is not about getting stuck in old ways of doing things. Do you really know what is in the way of change, do you know what is limiting you? Anything that holds you back, limits your growth, is your limiting belief.

Prioritizing your values.

Take a hard look at your values. Can you reorder them? Do you value “family” over “work”? Do you have the right balance? Do you feel like you need to reorder things, re-prioritize them?

Re-interpret what is going on.

Appreciate how you respond to change and be comfortable with it. If possible re-interpret what is going on. Put a positive spin on it. Can you change your emotional response to an overwhelming event?

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A Leader in Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management, Evrim Ay is the author of “Sustainable Facilities Management” book. In this blog, he makes a strong business case and a compelling argument for “workplace management“, “wellness“, and “productivity“. He believes that the way we are working is no longer working

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